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Journey with WSSM as they travel through Central and South America, Hawaii, and around the world in search of epic waves, unique culture, and safe surf travel for women. 

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Pacific Panama. There's a magic here you won't find anywhere else in the world. You'll travel hours and  hours to get to this islolated, untouched, remote and rustic area. Why? Because here, there really are waves you've truly only ever dreamed of catching, and NO CROWDS.
Join WSSM here in June 2020, for one of the most memorable surf experiences of your life at our Panama 2020, WSSM Surf Retreat.

Exploring Southern BAJA

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Southern Baja, shrouded in mystery and legend... Learn how WSSM discovered this surfing gem, and what it was like to surf it's epic waves and explore the dry desert countryside that we'd only heard stories about about while growing up.

SUNZAL is Calling 

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One of our favorite countries for surfing- in the world... El Salvador. Learn more about this beautiful country, it's welcoming people, a beautiful and traditional Salvadoran casa we highly recommend for groups or families, and it's insanely good surf!

Surf Trip

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Sometimes your newest surf destination isn't located halfway around the world, it's actually just across the southern US border. Find out why WSSM joined the San Diego Surf Ladies to venture to northern Baja, for an adventure filled weekend with Manny Vargas on one of his epic BAJA WEEKENDERS Surf Trip.

Take me away 

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Tucked away in the Caribbean, Barbados offers unexpectedly warm water surf, gentle waves, and the friendliest people on the planet! Come along with us as we host our first ever, WSSM Surf Retreat, in this amazing country.

Exploring Central America with WSSM

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Life is an adventure when you expand your horizons by journeying deep into foreign lands and discovering new cultures. Nicaragua, El Salvador and Puerto Rico are highlighted in this special feature by WSSM as they explore the surf in Remansos, Maderas and Rancho Santana- home to Nicaragua's most famous surf breaks- Colorados and Panga Drops. Next up- Sunzal and Las Flores, El Salvador, then off to beautiful Puerto Rico- the surf capital of the Caribbean

WSSM: Surf Retreat Tour of the Americas '14

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Travel through Central and South America with the WSSM crew and their honored guests as they surf the world's longest left- Chicama, Peru, explore the surf drenched coast of Northern Panama, and wind up the WSSM Retreat Tour in one of their favorite countries... El Salvador 

Exploration Tour 2014: Puerto Rico

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Tour through Puerto Rico with the WSSM Womens Surf Style Magazine crew as we explore for surfer girl friendly breaks, delicious cuisine, accommodations, and endless days of fun in the sun

WSSM: Hawaii Women's Surf Retreat 2014

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The birthplace of surfing, Hawaii, has also been home to WSSM Women's Surf Style Magazine publishers, Sandra & Dan Olson, so hosting their 1st Hawaii women's surf retreat was a treat in itself! Get lost in double rainbows, perfect waves, and stunning accommodations

WSSM Surf Travel:  PERU

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Rails & Tales: Peru... Beautiful Desolation

An inside look at the Peruvian culture and surf scene, with the WSSM Surf Crew! Hosted by Samana Chakra, Las Olas Mancora, Chicama Surf Resort, and Kimbas Bungalows. Airfare provided by TACA Airlines

WSSM: Womens Surf Retreat:
El Salvador 2013

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Join WSSM on their very first womens surf retreat in El Salvador, as they scored perfect waves during an epic swell, enjoyed decadent cuisine and relaxation at Azul Surf Club, and documented it all for the world to enjoy! Welcome to El Salvador, surf girls!

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

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PLAYA HERMOSA: COSTA RICA, a Surfing Melting Pot.... beautifully portrayed through the lens of WSSM photographer, Gabriel Fernandez. Meet the bold surfing women that have found their way to these shores, pursuing a shared passion... Surfing

Rails & Tales... Nicaragua

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WSSM takes you along their epic surf trip to the undiscovered coast of Nicaragua. Stay at the beautiful ChicaBrava surf camp, or Popoyo Surf Lodge... both boasting consistent waves and a relaxed environment

Exploring Panama

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WSSM's first surf travel trip to Panama, hosted by Morro Negrito Surf Camp. Exquisite locale, incredible waves... Panama will be remembered for a lifetime!

El Salvador

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The WSSM staff headed for their annual exotic surf trip, to the beautiful country of El Salvador. Learn about the culture, experience Azul Surf Club, and join us on this surf trip to the newest epic surf destination you just have to check out... El Salvador. Beautiful waves & beautiful people

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